Dirk Becker is a charismatic public speaker on social change. Dirk Becker based in Nanaimo, BC Canada


I’m Dirk Becker, a Speaker for Social Change. Click here for Dirk’s Bio.

Ever since I began organically farming several years ago, the land has offered abundant natural lessons about the interconnectedness and well–being of all living things. These lessons inspire me to speak out and share this information with you.

I feel passionate about offering people hope and direction for real social change. That’s why I believe everyone can learn how to eat, live and grow – sustainably! – and create our prosperous future, together.

As a professional Speaker, I will always work with you, to make sure your event is the very best it can be. I connect with each and every audience using a unique and dynamic blend of humour, personal insights and the most accurate, up–to–date (and interesting!) information available.

Speech Topics include:

Contact me today – and thank you, I look forward to creating positive change with you!