Over the past few years, Dirk has been interviewed by radio, television, newspapers and magazines.


Grounded News, Compassion Farm

Shaw TV, Sustainable Living 2013


Character Driven, Compassion

Deconstructing Dinner, "Birth of a Farmers' Market"

Living On Purpose, Womens Radio


Recognized as LiveSmart BC Community Hero

Recognized as one of Nanaimo's Top 20 Most Powerful People

Nanaimo Daily News, "The Ethics of Food".

Nanaimo Daily News, "Urban Farming Gets Local Boost".

Parksville Qualicum News, "Strawberry Fields Forever?"

Nanaimo News Bulletin, "Farm Markets Sprouting All Around City"


Synergy Magazine, "A Simple Plan"

Articles written by Dirk and link to radio shows he has co-hosted:

Radio Show, Heart and Mind; Tools for Change


The Occupy Movement

Your Future: What Is Your Perspective?

What Do We Truly Value?

Crisis? It’s Time to Re-examine How We Live Our Lives


"As a powerful, informed, and dynamic speaker, Dirk Becker uses the gift of his immense energy to create presentations that are visually appealing and entertaining. Serious subject matter is interspersed with humour and lighthearted exchange that often leaves the room in an uproar of laughter.
Dirk has the ability to connect. To connect with those he speaks to, and to connect the pieces of various concepts, experiences, and facts to form a coherent whole. Instead of telling an audience what to think, or even just what he thinks, Dirk builds his points organically, through audience participation, and the sharing of his own observations and experiences. This allows members of the audience to feel and understand the topics on a personal level, as their own responses interact with his words."
- Lia Light, Nanaimo writer


"Dirk is a very dynamic speaker that is able to convey his considerable wisdom and knowledge with an edge of true emotion and a light humour. Throughout Dirk’s talk he is able to introduce many strands of information that seem to be unrelated yet at the same time they intermingle and interact together in the context of the talk. Dirk’s biggest strength is his ability to bring all of these thoughts, feelings and connections together at the conclusion of his talk, making meaning and sense out of a complex topic which carries the weight of all Dirk’s considerable energy, passion and wisdom. I always leave inspired and energized when I hear Dirk talk."
- Chris Strashok